When and how often does the NYC Muslim Running Club meet up?

The NYC Muslim Running Club meets every Sunday for a weekly group run. The exact pin location and time changes every week. For the most up to date details on when and where our next run will be, join the whatsapp group!

Is NYC MRC open to beginner runners?

We welcome runners of all abilities and have had many beginner runners over the last few months.

I'm new to running and can't run very long.

Don't worry! The only way to get better is to run more! Running with others also distracts you from your pain. The club is perfect for that! Runners love to talk about running and will give you more advice than you probably want.

What can I expect if I come out to run with the group, will I be welcomed?

YES! We try to be as welcoming and friendly as possible to new people joining us for runs. We’ve heard it said numerous times that this community is welcoming to all skill-levels. We can’t wait to meet you, insha’Allah! 

Are there any social activities that take place after/before the runs? 

Yes! After every Sunday group run, we go to a nearby spot and get smoothies/food. We don't disclose the location of the post moves until after we all finish the group run.

Is there a code of conduct?

Yes, all NYC MRC members must adhere to the following code of conduct: